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Cloud apps let you download movies

The cycle of app development, improvement, and death can sometimes leave your head spinning. Perhaps your favorite cloud app closed or got blocked by an over reaching administrator. Never fear. Movitly's here to review the candidates and provide you with the best working app to get you watching wherever you are.

The cloud apps tend have a few things in common. They're advertising supported. They try to keep activity to one page. They use Java (so, you'll need to be on a device with Java installed, usually a computer).  Depending on your security settings, you'll still need to enable Java and okay the applet's run. Where they differ, is whether and how fast they really work.

Video Grabber

It's a pretty design on a clean page but, it didn't work. Three minutes after entering the URL for a TV episode on YouTube, Video Grabber remained stuck at 40 percent converted. Alas.

Clip Converter

Clip Converter did the job but, it boasts a busy interface meant to trick you into downloading malware. You'll need to make a few choices about the file type you want and the size. Be sure to untick the check box underneath the download button which carries the message "Download with ClipConverter accelerator and get recommendation offers" otherwise you'll end up with unwanted malware downloaded to your computer (specifically Coupon Downloader). Although it quickly converted the file to an mp4, a better app would not attempt infection.


This site's simple interface lets you enter the URL and click the "download" button. Conversion happens quickly. Your choice of which version, based on size and file type, comes post-conversion. Left-click the chosen link to download the file.  After downloading you can easily plug another URL into the interface and convert another file.

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