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Watching the old fashioned way - on DVD

Movitly normally covers online video, focusing on free or low-cost alternatives but, there's still a whole world of offline video out there with some great entertainment deals. So, for those times you can't find it online or the Internet goes down, this week's article examines great avenues of offline viewing.

Nearly everywhere has a Redbox location, even the tiny town where I currently reside. These electronic kiosks let you peruse the list of DVDs housed inside its metal confines and rent one for a mere dollar using your credit or debit card. You get to keep it for 24 hours. If it's late, the system will simply charge you another $1 for the next day's rental. They're commonly located outside McDonald's and Dollar General stores. If you want to go online, you can reserve a video at a specific location, using the Redbox site. You can also search for a specific title, search by genre, and find additional nearby locations. You'll find the same services listed above in its app, available for Android, iPhone, and Windows platforms. Redbox rents both standard and Blu-ray DVDs and offers new releases and popular older (not classic) movies.

Want your videos to come to you? Rent from Netflix. Although it's now better know for its streaming services, Netflix remained true to its beginnings, and continues to offer its DVD-by-mail service. Utilizing local shipping centers throughout the U.S., the service manages a one to two day turnaround on DVD requests. It offers three main plans, allowing users to rent one ($7.99/month), two ($11.99/month), or three ($15.99/month) DVDs at a time. By staggering your returns, this means that using the two or three DVD rental plans, you can have a new DVD in the mail everyday. Set up your queue of DVDs online and Netflix automatically ships you the next DVD in queue when you return one. You can jam pack your queue in one online session and have a steady stream of DVDs for months. Netflix rents both standard and Blu-ray DVDs but, Blu-ray plans cost a few bucks more. Users can rent one ($9.99/month), two ($14.99/month), or three ($19.99/month) Blu-rays at a time. For infrequent viewers, Netflix offers a two rentals a month plan that lets you rent one video at a time for $4.99/month (standard) or $5.99/month (Blu-ray). Manage your account and queue via the Web or mobile site, or the Android or iPhone app. The service has an immense selection of new releases, older, and classic films, as well as, TV shows.

Your Local Library
Think your local library only has books? Think again. It's a treasure trove of DVDs and they're free. All you need to check them out is a library card which is also free. What a deal. If your library has a limited selection, never fear, ILL is here. That stands for Inter-Library Loan and it means you can have the librarian request a specific title for you within the national library system. The other library will send the DVD to your local library to check out to you. Your library may have a short request form for you to complete but, many libraries let users make ILL requests from their Web site. Rental lengths vary but, three days is pretty common. Late fees vary by library, too, so, ask your librarian. By utilizing ILL, the selection of DVDs spans the newest releases to classics to hard-to-find TV shows. If you can't find it anywhere else, ask your librarian for help.

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