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Amazon drops BBC content on Feb. 15

If you bought an Amazon Prime membership to access BBC content such as the long-running TV series, Dr. Who, it's time to switch to Netflix. Beginning Feb. 15, Amazon will no longer offer  most BBC content because it could not gain the exclusive streaming rights it desired. (SlashGear)

Amazon's recent focus on exclusive content has meant an increase in the amount of original content developed, such as the Golden Globe winner "Transparent," and tougher streaming rights negotiations. Currently, Amazon Prime holds exclusive streaming rights to "24,'' "Hannibal," "Justified," "The Americans," and the BBC sci-fi series, "Orphan Black." (The Verge) Since the streaming service could not obtain exclusive rights to all BBC content it currently offers, Amazon chose to not renew its current BBC licensing contract.

In 2014, Amazon Prime subscriptions increased by 53 percent but, Prime membership also provides free shipping on Prime products and a Kindle library so, subscription increase could be, in part, due to other services. It remains to be seen how the loss of a major international network from its roster will affect Prime and how Netflix's retention of BBC streaming rights may affect its subscription numbers.

Netflix has also focused on exclusivity in the past two years but, with a greater focus on original programming. The service created a number of original shows in 2014, such as, "Orange Is the New Black," "House of Cards," and "The  Fall." This year the service debuts nine new programs, including "Daredevil," and "Grace and Frankie." (Indiewire) And, of course, for now, it'll be the only American streaming service offering the majority of BBC content after Valentine's Day although you can still catch Dr. Who on Hulu Plus, too.


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